Smiley Sunflowers, Buzzing Bees And More: Spring Into The Best Socks In Australia!

Smiley Sunflowers, Buzzing Bees And More: Spring Into The Best Socks In Australia!

25th Nov 2022

Spring means the birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing, and the flowers are blooming.

But before the summer heatwave hits our doorstep, take some time to make the jump into the scorching weather easier with the best socks in Australia for Spring.

Our new range of fun and sweet Spring Socks

Give a warm welcome to our new range of fun Spring Socks. They come in a range of eye-catching prints and bold colours and tick all the 'Best Socks In Australia' boxes.

We've made sure they're breathable by making them from a natural material, meaning the Spring Socks Collection lets your feet stay cool as the hot weather begins.

How? By letting the moisture out of your feet while you wear them. Moisture wicking also reduces the risks of nasty foot infections and keeps your feet comfortable, fresh and with more energy throughout the day.

Stylish prints and fun colours

These high-quality socks are designed to stand out. So throw them on with white sneakers, pair them under your jelly sandals, and let the fun prints peek out.

We love wearing them with shorts or with something that calls attention. The fun colours reflect the positive Spring energy and new and exciting adventures. Have fun styling them!

The breathable, comfortable Spring Socks you've always dreamed of

The material a pair of socks is made from is one of the sock’s most important features since it dictates what context it's suitable for and how it feels on your foot. Whether you'll have sweaty feet or cold feet depends on the material composition of the socks, so it's important to choose the right fabric that will keep you cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.

The Spring Socks are incredibly comfortable because they're made from finely spun cotton and mixed with a bit of polyester and nylon, providing the sock's elasticity. They're very stretchy, so they're easy to take on and off and won't rub or create annoying blisters.

The Spring Socks support general wellness by keeping feet dry by enabling moisture to escape from the sock. Yes, the socks are mixed with a few synthetic materials (polyester and nylon), but that's to make them mould perfectly to your foot and keep their shape for as long as possible.

The modern quarter crew length sits just above the ankle line, making these Australian socks essential everyday socks in any modern woman's Spring wardrobe.

The Spring Socks collection is crafted with cotton with a conscience

Are you conscious of how your clothes are made? Sustainability is at the forefront of many brands' ethos, and we're no different. We try to use sustainable materials wherever possible, and this type of sock is made using Better Cotton Initiative Cotton (BCI cotton).

That means the Spring Socks are made with natural fibres (cotton) that care about the people who make the cotton, and the fabric itself is not treated with a whole bunch of chemicals like many other non-BCI socks.

We also do our best to send everything in packaging that uses recycled materials to reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfill.

The Spring Socks come in a variety of fun prints and bold colours.

The Spring Socks collection is a luxury range of socks by our premium label, Sock Cafe, that uses only the finest material. These socks are exceptional and keep feet cool in warmer climates - a must-have for any sock drawer.

The smile-inducing sunflower print Spring Socks

The sunflower print is perfect for you if you're looking for fun socks. They have a baby pink background and a cute yellow sunflower print that will inject positivity into any outfit. We love this cotton sock peeking out under a summery dress with sandals. Comfortable socks that sit above the ankle bone? Yes, please!

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The fun ladybird print Spring Socks

We love the ladybird style for its femininity and colourful design. The green colour reflects the blooming Spring fauna and will suit any personality that loves being outdoors as the weather heats up. And as a bonus, the quarter crew length will keep the mosquitos away from their favourite landing spot - your ankles.

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The buzzing bee print Spring Socks

The peach-hued bee print is an incredibly versatile and colourful sock that matches basically anything in your wardrobe. From green to blue to more neutral tones, this pair of socks will keep your feet warm on any chill Spring morning and fresh when the temperature heats up during the day. Grab yourself a couple of these crew socks and see what all the buzz is about.

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The sweet butterfly print Spring Socks

The butterfly print is beautifully contrasted against the soft peach background. The quarter crew length protects your whole foot (and ankle from mozzies), making it comfortable to slip shoes over the top and means that they layer stylishly with your favourite white sneakers. It's only time until they become your regular socks.

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Since the warm weather calls for celebration before taking your socks off for summer, make the transition easier with some of our fun over-the-ankle sock range perfect for Spring.

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