About Us

Bellview Corporation Pty Ltd is the team behind socks.com.au Bellview Corporation

We have over 50 years experience in manufacturing socks and hosiery products. We are based in Victoria, Australia in the same premises where we used to manufacture locally. We are recognised, most notably, for our expertise, innovation, and design.

Our business specializes in providing in-house brands to a significant proportion of major retailers in Australia and New Zealand. Our long standing relationships with our factories and retail partners is testament to our commitment in providing quality, creativity and on time delivery, in full, every time!

We believe in good business now and for the future, we trade ethically and kindly. We understand that our industry has a long way to go to respecting our environment; however we are on focus to find a better way whenever possible. We love working with beautiful fibres and are working to source fibres that have the least impact on our environment as possible.

We are delighted to open up this online store and offer our niche brands and products. However this is just the start, we want to keep making new products and ones that address the needs of our customers.

We are looking forward to getting to know you and your feet so please stay in touch.