8 Divine Smelling Aromatherapy Socks That Deserve Space In Your Wardrobe

8 Divine Smelling Aromatherapy Socks That Deserve Space In Your Wardrobe

12th Sep 2022

Are you having a lazy day and looking for something special to kick up your feet and relax in?

Say hello to our Benefeet Aromatherapy Socks range—a scented collection of socks that use the best fibre technology. Our cotton blend aromatherapy socks are infused with micro capsules that release fragrances like refreshing apple, invigorating lemon, calming rose (and more) as you wear them.

What is aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an ancient practice that goes back thousands of years. It's all about smelling and absorbing the health benefits of essential oils from fruits and plants like strawberry, lemon, lavender, rose, and jasmine. These scents send special signals to your brain and can affect your emotions. That's why certain smells can bring up certain feelings and emotions.

For example, a beauty brand could add a few drops of lavender to body oil to promote the product's relaxing and calming effects.

And now, we've infused our socks and packed them with various aromatherapy micro capsules ranging from zesty citrus scents to calming plants that smell divine.

Read on to learn all about our newest Aromatherapy Sock product range.

Our Aromatherapy Sock range

The newly launched Benefeet Aromatherapy Sock range is infused with micro capsules that slowly release fragrances like lavender and cherry. The range of delicious and relaxing smells are expected to last quite a few washes, and after that, the socks can remain a hero piece of your sock collection.

Feeling like a second skin, the aromatherapy socks have an anatomically shaped footbed for your left and right foot so you can experience the relaxing massage sensation the contoured sole and soft luxurious cushioning provide - especially when curled up in bed wishing the winter blues away.

These socks are made from soft, natural Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) cotton, with their divine scent and comfortable flat toe seams, and are made to be part of your self-care routine. But they also fit in just as effortlessly with the rest of your life - be it in sneakers or everyday shoes.

Energising Raspberry

Energising raspberry socks

Apart from smelling like a refreshing summer cocktail, the raspberry scent is linked to having anti-inflammatory properties. Our energising raspberry-infused socks pack a fruitful punch - and the cute raspberry print is very easy on the eyes. Both styles are comfortable beyond belief and come in quarter crew and sneaker sock lengths.

Show the quarter crew style here and the sneaker style here.

Refreshing Apple

refreshing apple aromatherapy socks

You know what they say; an apple a day keeps the doctor away. With these aromatherapy tangy apple scented socks, we like to think they're as good for our health as they are pleasant on the nose. Coming in a fun multicoloured red and green apple print in the quarter crew style, the Refreshing Apple style is made to peek out from under some trendy sneakers or make an evening appearance on the couch.

Shop here.

Cheerful Cherry

cheerful cherry aromatherapy socks

A waft of cherry is long believed to have calming and soothing properties. But we also think it brings a smile to your face - hence the name. Our Cheerful Cherry socks come in a fun cherry-print quarter crew and sneaker length style, so you can wear them all day long.

Shop the quarter crew style here and the sneaker style here.

Invigorating Lemon

invigorating lemon aromatherapy socks

The fresh smell of lemon is linked to lifting your spirit and mood, and our zesty lemon-infused socks are ideal if you're looking for a citrus-smelling pick-me-up for your feet. The bright yellow lemon print on a deep grey background makes for a very eye-catching design.

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Calming Jasmine

calming jasmine aromatherapy socks

Jasmine has always been used as a calming scent. So we've created the ultimate self-care sock. Coming in both a quarter crew and sneaker style, if you're undecided which aromatherapy sock is the one for you - we recommend you start with the Calming Jasmine one.

Shop the quarter crew style here and the sneaker style here.

Stimulating Strawberry

stimulating strawberry aromatherapy socks

The sweet, sweet scent of scrumptious strawberry. These socks smell so delicious you might just be tempted to eat them. Coming in a quarter crew and sneaker style, our Stimulating Strawberry scented socks are the ideal pair to relax or go for a walk in.

Shop the quarter crew style here and the sneaker style here.

Uplifting Rose

uplifting rose aromatherapy socks

A must-have item, the Uplifting Rose socks are the only ones that also come in the longer crew style in the Aromatherapy Sock collection. Perfectly complimenting your underwear drawer, these cotton socks are also treated with aloe vera to help moisturise, calm and rejuvenate the feet. Wear them to yoga class or for a walk in the garden and smell the roses along the way.

Shop the long crew style here and the quarter crew here.

Relaxing Lavender

Lavender has forever been known for its calming and soothing properties, so it made perfect sense to introduce a pair of lavender-infused socks. Coming in a delicate print and featuring an anatomically designed footbed for the left and right foot - comfort comes first in these Relaxing Lavender socks.

Shop the quarter crew style here and the sneaker style here.

Curious to give a pair of scented socks a try?

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