5 reasons why bamboo socks are so loved

5 reasons why bamboo socks are so loved

9th Sep 2021

Softer than cotton, hard-wearing and resilient, and kinder to the planet

Why do we love bamboo so much? The bamboo tree has many benefits, from the forest to your foot!

Bamboo has become one of the most sought after fibres for clothing accessories such as socks because it is soft, silky and luxurious against the skin. But don’t let the softness fool you, it’s also one of the most resilient textiles available.

In all the years of crafting quality socks, we’ve had amazing feedback about our bamboo sock range. Bamboo as a fibre has unique properties that make it a perfect fibre for socks at work, at sports, or the outdoors.

  • Bamboo socks are softer than cotton, with a texture similar to a blend of cashmere and silk, so if you have sensitive skin, bamboo is a better fibre.
  • Bamboo regulates temperature well so that your feet breathe during the day.
  • Bamboo is 40% more absorbent than cotton, so your feet will stay dryer due to its natural moisture wicking properties.
  • Your feet will be less smelly - research by Deakin University found that bacteria had a 70% higher death rate on bamboo fibres!*
  • Last but not least, the product of bamboo fibre is eco-friendly and bio-degradable. Read more about this below.

Why is bamboo so kind to our planet?

Bamboo is much easier on our natural resources and kinder to the planet in general. Within a year of harvesting, a bamboo forest will replenish itself because it grows fast, which makes it a truly sustainable resource. It needs no chemicals and very little water to grow, and bamboo releases 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere than trees reducing the carbon footprint.

When we manufacture socks, bamboo needs less dye and absorbs colour easier than cotton, viscose or modal therefore the colours are brighter. And, you know you’re wearing socks with less treatment.

Jack of All Trades Bamboo Socks – Shop Now

For outdoor, work and play, the Jack of All Trades® sustainable bamboo socks have many desirable features for all day comfort.

The socks feature a soft terry inner layer for extra comfort, a heavy gauge knit with reinforcement for durability, and a non-restrictive boot top for people who wear boots to work every day.

With an exceptional snug fit, their unique construction is designed to stay up and stay on, and the resilience of bamboo means they spring back after washing and retain their softness as well as their shape.

* https://dro.deakin.edu.au/eserv/DU:30020680/tsuzuki-bamboofibres-2009.pdf